Alpha™ Sheets Care Instructions

Washing and Drying


Alpha™ Sheets are machine washable. You can wash in a cool wash/low cycle with gentle detergent (do not use heavy fabric softener or chlorine bleach) and tumble dry on low/cool. 




If there are stains on your Alpha™ Sheets you can use a wet towel and soap to make it clean and use tumble dry on low. One tip regarding stains is that you should treat the stains and be sure they’re gone before you put your Alpha™ Sheets in the dryer, because the dryer acts like an oven and bakes them in.


Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, Bleach


Please use gentle detergent only. Do not use chlorine bleach or heavy fabric softener. The chlorine bleach can loosen up or even break down the fibers in the Alpha™ Sheets.  Fabric softeners as well as the dryer sheets can build up in the Alpha™ Sheets making it less effective. Cotton is natural soft.


Iron or Steam


Alpha™ Sheets can be ironed or steamed if needed. Please use low-medium heat.