Rev™ Silver Socks for Odor, Bacteria and more

by Ivana Designs

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Alpha™ Silver Socks - Are scientifically engineered socks, made with pure silver fibers and ultra soft premium cotton to eliminate feet/shoes odor, bacteria, fungus and more. Based on revolutionary micron technology. Alpha is an ultimate natural therapy for cleaner socks and a healthier life.

Silver does it's deadly work when it comes in contact with bacteria or fungus. Alpha silver socks feel better, smells better and is perfect item for long days or travels. Natural solution for preventing shoes odor, helping with smelly feet and preventing excessive feet sweating.

Alpha Socks are made of 100% Sustainable Materials: 4% pure silver fibers, 94% ultra soft cotton.

Premium breathable materials in combination with pure silver helps your feet to stay clean and your shoes odorless by regulating the feet temperature.

The benefits of silver used by NASA, U.S. Special Forces as well as Athletes, providing effective antimicrobial properties, which means it naturally destroys odor-causing bacteria. 

Alpha Socks are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

You will receive 3 pairs of Alpha Silver Socks (Marin Blue, Lime Green, Warm Orange). 

One Size Fits All.

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